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Coronavirus Guide for Businesses and Families

Business Meeting
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Are You a Manager, HR, or Business Owner? Start Here

Funding and financial resources, business planning templates, layoff guidebooks, employee communication and support, management consultations, and how to stay connected as a team

Mental Health, Coping Strategies, and Support

How to fight the social isolation of Coronavirus, tips and articles for families and workplaces, and resources for wellbeing and resiliency

For Those in Recovery

Personal and Family Resources

Families are facing unprecedented stressors and a new way of managing home life. Links to financial resource packages, help after a layoff, how to talk to kids about the virus, childcare help, and cool home activities!

Contact Us

We want to see you: our HIPAA-compliant
tele-counseling means you can still hold EAP sessions with our local clinicians.


1-866-660-9533 for appointments, resources, and support


Critical incident debriefings will also be provided via video teleconferencing.

Visit our Facebook page for daily updates:

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Information in multiple languages

New Americans in Vermont: critical information on child care, legal help, COVID-19 testing, and more, in many different languages, including ASL.


Information on face coverings for children in multiple languages

Videos: Information on COVID-19 (community resource created by the Spectrum Multicultural Youth Program, Howard Center, and other Burlington community members)
in Arabic | Dinka | English | French | Lingala | Nepali | Somali | Spanish


What You Need to Know About Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
in Arabic | Burmese | Chinese | English | French | Kirundi | Nepali | Somali | Spanish | Swahili | Vietnamese


Tips to Help Keep Illness from Spreading
in Arabic | Burmese | Chinese | English | French | Kirundi | Nepali | Somali | Spanish | Swahili | Vietnamese

Translations in Simplified Chinese from CDC:

Chalkboard with Different Languages
New Americans
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