Home and Families

As you create a household plan of action to help protect your family's health, emotions and anxiety
can run high. While it's important to be prepared, calmly focusing on what we can control brings stability to everyone.

Cool ideas to keep kids learning at home in a fun way...and not go stir-crazy!

Family Time
Flexible Payment Planning

Are you safe?

Resources from the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

Click here for a PDF with essential information and hotline numbers.

What if you or a loved one are QUARANTINED with an abuser? 


Reach out for the help you need.
Law Enforcement is continuing to respond to calls. Hotlines and shelters in Vermont  will remain open. 


People impacted by sexual and domestic violence can still access the support of an advocate during a sexual assault forensic exam, when requesting a relief from abuse order, and for help accessing other crucial resources. 

If it is safe to do so, visit The Vermont Network's website for more information. Contact the Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-228-7395 or the Sexual Violence Hotline at 800-489-7273.

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