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How to Survey Your Employees About
Re-entry and Safety

In this uncertain time of "the next normal", how are your employees really doing?

Ask them!

Identify the best person to send the survey

Ideally someone trustworthy with the authority to respond or make changes. This person could also head up the response team or report back the results to upper management.

Decide on Goals and Ideal Outcome

What do you hope to gain from the survey? Consider allowing it to be anonymous so that staff has total freedom to share their fears and needs.

Send the Survey

You will likely need to send it more than one time, and for larger organizations, utilize front-line managers and company newsletters to remind everyone to complete the survey.

Communicate the Response and Changes Based on the Survey

People will want to know what you’re doing with their feedback. Consider sharing the general results of the survey but definitely let them know the changes and response planned.

Keep these updates consistent and continue to employ mid-level managers to spread the word. This will help staff feel heard and valued.

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