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Telecommuting and Remote Work

Many organizations have shifted to hybrid work as the pandemic continues. 

>> NEW: Hybrid work agreement template<<

Have you surveyed employees yet for feedback during the pandemic?

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How to Successfully Manage Remote Workers

Everything You Need to Manage Remotely (article)

Contains ideas such as:

  • Communicate openly and often

  • Trust in employees to be productive; they will often rise to the challenge

  • Set clear expectations

  • Go above and beyond to help them feel connected

Feeling Connected in the time of Coronavirus

Ergonomics at Home

With many of us new to full-time remote work, the rush of setting up a home office may mean your setup will cause back pain or other injuries.

An ergonomic makeover doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.

Check out Ergonomic Trend's
complete guide to a safe and productive workspace!

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