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Are You Ready for Remote Work?

Many organizations are shifting to telecommuting or other creative ways of reducing the potential spread of illness. But there's lots to think about, especially if your company is new to remote work!

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) published these creative ideas for minimizing exposure:

  • A partial work-from-home scenario for employees.

  • A "split team" scenario for staffers in which team members alternated coming into the office and working from home.

  • Checking workers' temperatures as they entered and left the building, buying more hand sanitizers and educating the team on homeopathic suggestions. 

  • Reminding team members to keep their laptops and other equipment sanitary and secure.

  • Reduce or stop face-to-face meetings, and switch to phone or videoconferencing. 

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How to Successfully Manage Remote Workers

Everything You Need to Start Managing Remotely (article)

  • Communicate openly and often

  • Trust in employees to be productive; they will often rise to the challenge

  • Set clear expectations

  • Go above and beyond to help them feel connected

Feeling Connected in the time of Coronavirus